May 20, 2020

“PRESENCE SUMMIT” – A New Video Engagement Summit Sets for July 15

I enjoy a good webinar. I can’t ever grow tired of webinars, especially when they have a meaningful purposes with presenters who care about the subject matter.

Although, it’s true that too many webinars are boring and perhaps just elaborate sales pitches. This is why at the Presence Summit, we will pushing the limits of webinars can be by hosting an event that will surely change the industry on July 15, 2020.

This new video engagement summit will be a full day of professional development for online communicators. It is designed to help us learn and collaborate in a way that gets results.

Presence 2020 is a new kind of encounter to help you move your organization in highly functional, connected, and productive ways.

Full details of this “Democratized video communications summit” is located online at However, before you jumped over there, or perhaps you don’t have the time to soak up all the details there, let me give you a brief overview as you may run and read this.

So, what is this “Presence 2020 Summit”?

We designed this summit primarily to give you a full day of stimulating thoughts to help you AMPLIFY and SHARE your value using video communications. Best of all, it is not passive viewing. It’s about engagement, with your participation. Interactive and engaging workshops, experiences, and feedback will make you more “present” than ever before.

Engage with a full day of online workshops and open collaboration sessions.

Secondly, who is this Presence Summit for?

Briefly, it targets to thought-leader who specializes in creating customer experiences via development in this video presence era. In a nutshell, it is workshops of exchange, where it facilitates open-space technology and a place to meeting others with your particular interests.

You’ll also be interested to learn that this summit is designed in association with the man who defined “the Experience Economy” in his book of the same name, Joseph Pine. He is helping out to make this special digital event to make sure you create a clear personal brand experience and engagements through the power of presence with your clients/customers.

Other guest speakers and presenters joining Joseph Pine include 

  • Bill Mullin, CEO of Starin
  • Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer
  • Terry Wilhite, Communications Strategist
  • Fatima Doman, Author, Speaker, CEO
  • Chris Neto, StarinAV

Finally, we’ll have several collaboration sessions hosted via Zoom Video Conferencing and will require a password to participate for those persons who’ll not be able to attend in person. 

The live broadcast will also be available on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitch. If you wish to join our password protected Zoom collaboration sessions, you must register for a ticket on Eventbrite. Persons registered for the event will receive the Zoom Meeting passwords via email.

As I mentioned above, then full details of this “Democratized video communications summit” is located online at

I look forward to seeing you soon at this newly designed collaborative effort in video communication.